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Psychological Astrology Has Helped Hundreds Of Individuals Deliver Transformative Results With Their Interpretations, While Aligning Themselves To Their Personal Purpose

This page is most relevant to you if you are:
  • Coach/Counsellor who deals with personal and social issues and improves others’ life, health, fitness, business, career etc.
  • ​​Mentor in a professional or personal capacity: educators, parents, bosses, team leaders, managers
  • ​Spiritual practitioner looking to add on to your repertoire of tools to help with mental and psychological issues
  • ​Aspiring to enter into the above professions and seek a structured and reliable tool for transformative work

In short, you care about getting transformative results for the people you serve.
I’m May Sim, and I specialise in the type of astrology that gets people to discover their personal value, and how to use their traits and abilities to live a meaningful life of contribution to others.

Xin Hong, 25
Relationship Consultant & Coach

"It had bothered me to see some of my coaching clients get stuck, and for me to be ineffective to address their psychological barriers and concerns. After the course, I applied the techniques and seen immediate, effective transformative results with my clients."

Tonya, 47
Holistic Wellness Coach

"I wasn't reaching out the right audiences, it felt difficult for me to make a significant impact for the people close to my heart. The course gave me clarity on the specific groups of people and their related concerns - which that I can make the biggest difference to."

Yin Din, 45
Psychologist, Counsellor

"The Psychological Astrology Course had made such a significant difference for the work that I do with my clients. Despite it being an unconventional choice among counsellors, it has been a joy and a very rewarding experience when I incorporate the techniques during my sessions."

Using the tools I taught them, these coaches helped clients take action and make choices that forwarded their purpose…

Even if these were people who were stuck with no progress for months…

Even if these were people dealing with deep-seated psychological and personal barriers…

I’m not the typical fortune-telling astrologer.

The methods I teach have shocked professionally-trained coaches and mentors with the depth and precision of client profiling.

Some call it the ‘holy grail’ of personality analysis, and I think that is an accurate description.

Let’s look at how you can get started.

Students Of Psychological Astrology

You may see yourself in one of these categories of my students:
#1 Self-Learner: You may have tried to learn astrology on your own, through websites and books, but still cannot read astrology charts in ways that are useful to the client or for yourself.

I have had students who self-learnt for up to 11 years, but said they learnt more on Day 1 of studying with me than everything they learnt in 11 years.

#2 Total Newbie: Perhaps you know your Sun sign, and possibly a few more of your 'signs', but nothing beyond that. The way I teach astrology begins from setting a strong foundation you won't find anywhere else, so it's totally ok to come in with no experience at all.

Sohila, 28
Educator for Special Needs

"At first I thought it was just a personality assessment, but it went way deeper into your early life and found out what is it that shapes your behaviour right now"

Yun Qing, 35
Digital Marketer

"I tried to learn astrology on my own and it wasn’t getting into my head until I took the class and went through it step-by-step in person, to ask the questions in class"

Joel, 34
Actor (Theater), Vocal Coach

"Everything was so detailed! It was really about understanding myself even more, the birth chart reflects and gives insights to a lot of the struggles I face in life"

My Students Can Pinpoint Specific Root Causes 
of Each Client’s Psychological Hangups

The reason why my students can draw individually-unique, pinpoint-accurate diagnosis of clients’ problems is because they use Psychological Astrology.

Astrology by itself already delivers specific personality profiles that are individually-unique.

No two charts are the same, not even twins born minutes apart.

Profiling in astrology is so specific, we can even tell which personality traits get triggered in which specific situations.

What makes a dominating boss who bullies his employees all day turn to marshmallow when playing with his toddler kids?

What makes a competent and successful manager become a clueless mess when it comes to dating?

When Psychological Astrology is applied, the deep-seated psychological impulses that cause negative behaviour come to light.

It tells us what specific incidents and traumas produce intelligent but vengeful man-haters…

It explains why some brilliant individuals crumble at the first sign of failure…

It identifies dreamers who planned it all, but sabotage their own projects…

Lightbulbs click on… When my students realise that the astrology chart has hit the nail on the head.

The issue is exactly as the chart says.

You cannot transform what you don’t understand.

When the problem is clear…The solution is clear.

Coaches Get Extra Value Over Other Students

If you’re a coach, Psychological Astrology does double duty.

It works on you too.

Contrary to popular belief, coaches have the capacity to be pretty messed up too.

Loss of confidence…

Loss of direction…

Personal problems, hangups, communication breakdowns…

You’re just as vulnerable to those things as your clients are.

And what’s more…

Sometimes when your coaching doesn’t work, it’s because of your hangups. Not theirs.

Coaches can get arrogant, dominating, selfish, depressed too.

Coaches worry about their income, building their practice as well.

Coaches also need to learn who their natural audience is, how to attract them.

Those of us in advisory roles have a responsibility to our clients to clear out our bullshit before we start dealing with theirs.

That’s when an objective tool like Psychological Astrology comes in handy.

You can read the problem right off the chart yourself.

I haven’t had a professional coach go through my class without getting a major personal discovery and transformation themselves.

Coaches know better than everyone else how powerful this is.

Self-Discovery Requires You To Discover For Yourself

The best part of this process? It’s that you can revisit this again and again.

You learn the technique so you can apply Psychological Astrology anytime, even when situations change.

On yourself as well as the people you work with.

The more effective we are, the bigger the impact and the more people we can influence.

Come Assess For Yourself

I am running an upcoming event, complimentary, for those looking to get more information about becoming a student of Psychological Astrology.

I will cover:
  • ​​An explanation of exactly what astrology is
  • ​Examples of how astrological profiling is more deep-reaching than any other profiling tool in the world
  • ​​An introduction to Psychological Astrology and how it reveals the basis of nasty behaviour, thought process and a fulfilling life purpose all at the same time
  • ​The specifics of my course syllabus and what to expect at Selfstrology Academy

When you come, you will see why many intelligent and insightful people are choosing Psychological Astrology over other alternatives like numerology, bazi, zi wei dou shu, vedic astrology.

No other profiling tool hits right to the heart of your purpose in this world.

If self-discovery and transformation is what you seek, you do not want to miss this.

Join me in my upcoming event. Let's start this journey.

Introduction to Psychological Astrology: Clear, Structured, Practical

(P.s Hey! The team at Selfstrology is currently placing the live Introduction Sessions on hold... leave us your contact details and the team will get in touch with you!)

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