Psychological Astrology
Has Helped Thousands Get Clarity,
Chart Their Direction And Choose Their Paths
This message is for you if:
  • You want more drive and passion in your career
  • You seek meaningful relationships, with current/future partners
  • You want to bring more value and impact to your community
  • ​You want to deal with personal issues that keep cropping up again and again
More and more professionals are realising that it’s not enough just to have a salary coming in monthly and to survive life.
My name is May Sim, and in 17 years of professional astrology practice, we’ve had thousands of clients and students who seek a life aligned with their personal purpose.

I teach a programme called Psychological Astrology, and so far we have helped hundreds of students across 16 countries realign their lives to match their core identity.

If you fit our student profile, and you seek a meaningful and impactful life, let me show you how Psychological Astrology can transform your life.

Here’s What Our Students Say

Derrick Chew
Director at
Sightlines Entertainment

“Something always felt off, despite being successful in running restaurants and consultancy projects.

Astrology helped me come to terms with the fact that theatre is my true passion.

I am now a full-fledged theatre producer pioneering hybrid theatre and gaming projects”

Joan Tan
Director of
Switch Productions

“How do I move from events to coaching? It feels like I lose a part of myself if I have to give up one or the other.

This class validated my instinct that I was always meant to juggle two careers.

Today, I continue running a successful events company while building my coaching business”

Tonya Shaw
Founder of
Big Yellow Balloon

“Moving from a banking career, I doubted and wasn’t confident to pursue my new career in wellness

Psychological Astrology showed me I was not broken and what my specific role is.

I am now a cancer survivor and am excited about guiding others to wellness and transformation”

When You Feel Stuck...
Over the years I have seen intelligent, successful people get stuck in circumstances that can go on for years and years… with no change in sight.

They know something needs to change...

They can feel themselves breaking, fading inside…

But it’s not so easy to know what to do.

Time & time again...
the same problems keep coming up
Common problems that we hear from others like yourself…
Your Unique Astrology Chart
Other programmes doing profiling and transformation work tend to work with a ‘one-size-fit-all’ formula, and naturally the results only work for a limited range of people.

Your astrology chart is unique to you, like your DNA or your thumbprint - the story it tells is unique to you alone.

For my students, it is not enough just to learn to interpret an astrology chart.

They want to know how their behaviour plays out...

What they’re really motivated by...

How it affects others, and most importantly…

… how to address issues and move on with life.

Tolerating the problem
doesn’t make it go away
  • The longer you put off pursuing a career related to your purpose, the further away it gets
    As you get older, you have less energy, the years left to carry out your project ticks away... 

    The longer you wait, the lower your confidence gets… until eventually you may never carry it out

  • Your partner and your relationship won’t change
    Expecting other leopards to change their spots to suit your preferences is a fool’s errand.

    This feeling of powerlessness can only be addressed by empowering yourself to take productive steps

  • You’ll simply wait for a crisis to happen to force change in your life
    If an intolerable situation persists without action, most people simply wait to lose their job, get dumped, lose money, get depressed and stop functioning. 

    Rather than allow negative situations to occur from breakdowns, why not take the situation into your own hands before your life breaks?
Why Psychological Astrology Works
The Psychological Astrology programme is a unique combination of many factors that makes it so effective at delivering personal transformations for our students.
#1 You Get a Rare Objective View of Yourself
Unlike other interview- or quiz-based profiling systems, the astrology chart is not based on anyone’s subjective opinion, but on the factual positioning of planets at the time of our birth. It’s like reading a medical report or an X-Ray. The issue is either there or it’s not.
#2 Find the Words to Say What You Experience
Astrology is a unique language that helps you find the specific words to describe intangible concepts like life purpose, psychological behaviour and personal beliefs. You’ll finally be able to articulate to others the intentions within you.
#3 Always Applied to Real Life
We get very quality individuals attending this class. The value you get is not just from my teaching, but also from the sharing of real-life experience by the other students. Clarity and personal transformation can come from seeing similar behaviours played in other people’s lives.
#4 Alignment to Your Personal Purpose
No two students will have the same astrology chart, not even twins. This means the outcomes you get from this class are unique to you. You can see clearly how your life has drifted away from your true objectives, and can now take action to realign yourself.    

Lacie Ong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

“I know I was dissatisfied with my business and my relationships, but it’s very hard to pinpoint what was causing this.

I am blown away by how accurately astrology describes the problem I experience. Now that I know what is wrong I can go and fix it!”

Sheeli Kuang
HR Professional

“I didn’t realise how much my parents’ relationship affected my life.

I look back at my past relationships and I can see the same story repeated again and again.

 This class has helped me appreciate my current partner so much more.”

Kaishan Hu
Financial Consultant

“After going through so many charts in class, I have learnt to be much less judgmental about others - there are so many possible life stories.

Also, I can see that the quality of people in the Psychological Astrology class is very different from those who didn’t continue after the Beginner’s class.”

How this works
The Psychological Astrology course takes place in two stages:
1) The Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course
2) The Psychological Astrology Course

All classes are conducted live by me, May Sim, online via Zoom.
Start at Beginner’s Intro
We’d love to have everyone go straight to Psychological Astrology, but unfortunately you must learn to read astrology first!

The 2-day Beginner’s Intro class allows astro newcomers to assess if you like the astrology approach, and also allows us to ascertain if you are the right fit for the Psychological Astrology course.

In the Beginner's Intro class:
  • Be introduced to chart symbols and their interpretation
  • ​Extract Temperament and your Core Personality from the chart
  • ​Focus is on applying astrology to real life
  • ​Build career and relationship profiles
We’ve had many students who are professional astrologers attend and be impressed by the practical value of this class!

Psychological Astrology is the Main Course
If you are cleared and choose to commit to the Psychological Astrology course, you will attend a 2-day Bonus Weekend and a 6-day Psychological Astrology class.

In the Bonus Weekend, we reveal deeper details about pain, inadequacy and life purpose from your astrology chart.

In the 6-day Psychological Astrology class, you’ll be introduced to the 25 Psychological Astrology profiles (or what my students call ‘PAs’) and the effects they have in every area of your life, from emotional reactions, relationship patterns, self-worth issues… etc.
  • See your life thus far through a new, objective lens
  • Identify where you are misaligned with yourself
  • ​Articulate where your purpose and contribution is
  • Build tasks and objectives moving on from here
You’ll be amazed how accurately your chart echoes what is happening in your head.
Why do I care if you move on from your crossroads or not?
I’ve listened to people’s problems professionally for 17 years. I understand the cost of being in limbo for years.

When people are stuck in their personal or professional life, they become dysfunctional, resentful, regretful and resigned.

When people are stuck, projects are held up, families are tense, relationships don’t progress and unhappy people do not contribute well to others in the world.

I don’t like waste, and I see lots of talent with no platform for expression, abilities locked in due to fear and doubt, and so many people not enjoying their lives.

Teaching this class, helping to align you with your life purpose, gives constructive meaning to my astrology work.

Should You Do This Course?
Based on our experience, students who are less suitable for this course are:
  • Essentially looking for a fortune-teller
  • ​Ok with an inactive, passive, mechanical life
  • ​Unwilling to make alignment changes in your life
  • ​Not interested in interpreting your own chart, expect a personal reading

Conversely, the students who get immense value from doing the course are:
  • ​Have a purposeful dream - you want to make it a reality
  • ​Want practical outcomes, want to move on with life
  • ​Seek deep self-discovery and authenticity
  • ​Appreciate structured tools like astrology

OK I’m Ready - What’s The Next Step?
Astrology is a powerful tool when used with a directed focus.

When you have a strong intention to live a meaningful life, Psychological Astrology can take you onto a new trajectory. 

Don't waste any more time stuck in limbo. 

I’ll see you in class.

Beginner’s Intro Astrology
Course Details
Date: 11 & 12 December 2021 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am-6pm (GMT+8)
Format: Zoom – Online Live Class
*Registration Closes: 27 November
Course Outcomes & Objectives:
  • Learn chart symbols and their interpretation
  • ​Extract Temperament and your Core Personality from the chart
  • ​Focus on applying astrology to real life
  • ​Build career and relationship profiles
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